Moving (emotionally) in the direction of what you want

On the desire spectrum where you have “what you do want” on one end and “what you don’t want” on the other, negative emotion is not just an indicator that you’re not moving in the direction of what you want but it’s also indicating that you’re resisting where you currently are.

Agreed, the moment you start moving (emotionally) in the direction of what you want, you will call that reality into your experience. But not all manifestations are instant.

Some require more time than the others. And you have zero control on their timeline.

Which is why accepting + loving where you are is equally important as dreaming about where you want to go.

Because the chances of you manifesting your desires in a day might not be high given your vibrational set-point. But what’s definite is you feeling awful again the moment you snap out of your daydream – IF you’re not practiced appreciating your current reality.

This is where the sense of urgency comes from. This is where the desire to escape reality comes from.

And if you could just ask yourself, “what is the underlying resistance that I’m looking to soothe through this desire?” and you work on that, not only will your desire start to flow into your experience but you will also fall in love with each of your now moments with or without the physical evidence of those desires.

There will be no urgency within you to be someplace else.

So understand that what you want is not a lover (at least not desperately) but to maybe soothe the emotions of abandonment or rejection or lack of self-love.

Understand that what you want is not money but to maybe soothe the emotions of scarcity or not-enoughness or fear of going into debt.

Because once you isolate the resistance attached to your important subjects and you calibrate to the other end of the stick, not only will you feel better emotionally (and you know what that results into) but you will also open yourself up to the magnificent life that’s waiting for you to be lived and celebrated right here and now.

~Soumya Gupta

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