Do you know how to deal with negative, destructive, low vibrational emotions? #Emohacks

Imagine…, how your life would change, if you would be able to provoke a shift in direction not only of your body, activities, behavior, but of your thoughts AND emotions… in an instant in any situation by yourself… –

It is possible and we all can train it, like playing a musical instrument or learning a foreign language.

Did you know… Emotions are measurable vibs, like floors in a building you can walk-down or walk-up, and most people usually take an elevator (cp. like a playground slide) downward (usually automatically if you are not aware) OR upside. So i called this learning “Uplifting”.

Most people try to brush some of their emotions aside, to oppress, ignore, overpower, rationalize them, very popular is to project them on others, usually unconsciously and undesigned, to sorrow, lament, moan, complain of the unwanted, to refuse, defeat … etc.

But this all costs immense energy and persistent effort. No mistake seems to be allowed and if, in an instant they pop up unexpectedly and spread some toxic destructivity blank-faced… and seemingly irresistible.

It is much easier, to use the load and break free the fixed energy by transforming, “Uplifting”… and sparkle with more uptifting powerful high-vibrational lightful emotions, thoughts and inspired activities, isn’t it?

Do you like to try some of the basic “magical” rules? – (and i always appreciate to read some more experiences.) 

Whenever ‘something or someone’ upsets you…

#Uplifting basics:

1. don’t believe as it appears

2. don’t take it/sth. personally

3. don’t judge as you will be judged (this means, you just have a Flashback and you need to care about this first of all…)

4. Don’t disempower yourself

5. Don’t distrust your creativity, don’t give up confidence and true faith – in spite of any untrustworthyness or betrayal

6. don’t confuse, mistake physical and inner beings

… (and did you know, that any emotion has a kind of antidote, antitoxin?! …)

Dysfunctional vs FUNctional. Its up to me and you either to infect, just react, follow etc. conditional or choose how, to change, transform and uplift our own wellbeing and how we like to play our part in our environment.

Lets train, how to direct our emotional ‘elevator’ and to live our constructiveness unconditional. + Lets learn, how to functionally master any dysfunktional.

In the mood for a meeting on the rooftop-bar? 😉 You’re welcome!