Sometimes a hard tripp if it seems like everybody is taking advantage and appreciation is only the bait.

The moment I speak about win-win most people start to fight, flight, freeze or please… this is in case of a trauma a natural reaction, but in case of win-win, a fair give and take, a chance, a profit, growth?

Needy people or people with a needy mindset missed to take over responsibility and so they take everything what they can get and when it comes to giving they feel threatened like in a dangerous situation…

the error is projection of a dangerous experience where they lost their own power and confusing with another’s power to want and fight against at the same. That’s an inside conflict.

People in conflicts are traumatizing. And so the game goes on and on…

until one steps out and starts healing.

Hurt people hurt hurt people.
Healed people heal healing people.

People need healing, but they first need to know and allow it.

To know, we need to hear, listen, understand right.

To understand right, we need conflicts and clarification.

In clarity, we can connect and start to learn together how co-creating works out well. Practice is the journey.


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