If you go in to change negative energy …

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Each human is like a tuning fork whose brain is vibrating at a specific frequency. … All together we build an energy field…

Fear and fighting and protest cannot build a constructive coherent field.

If you go in to change negative energy with your positive energy, it’s called destructive interference. This means it results in lose-lose…

– win-win is when you focus on yourself and find like-minded people to create a coherent functional community.

If you charge in with your wonderful energy to try to change a dysfunctional system, your energy will be canceled.

If you build a better system, people in the old one will gravitate to the new one.

Protesting will cost you your life, because the system is not going to feed the energy you need for your protests.

Find out who’s like minded with you. Gather them together and step out of the system. Use your energy for construction rather than destruction, and find other compatible communities. That’s constructive interference; when energies come together and multiply each other.

If you become frightened or angry or burned out you create walls that block your evolution and everyone else’s.

Create the best and healthiest and happiest experience for yourself—and share it with the community.

based on Bruce Lipton