Busy. People are so busy. Are you busy too? Or do you know someone who is very busy?

Busy man

What would happen if you just now would decide to stop being busy?

Sometimes I suspect, if busy may be mistaken for important?

You want to fulfill your needs or desires? – Is busyness not at first (mostly unconscious) a way to avoid something? What do you sacrifice because of the business? Is it worth it?

What if you wouldn’t be busy from now on, what would change in your life?

I guess most people would argue, I have to…, if not I will lose…? Are you sure?

Others may say, I love being busy… – for which result? They may reply, it’s the source of my success. – Are you sure? It may look like, but can you be really sure? What if it’s not as it seems to be, on the surface?

Many fight for something. What do you think has to be a fight to be received?

Often people in the fighting mood, in case of obstacles or problems, they insensify the effort and start struggling and sacrificing. What if it just was tender loving care, a sign to be off the track to one’s true goal, that there might be better options not yet seen or understood?

What if signs were mistaken and signposts overseen or just nor appreciated, because one may have not the overview over the whole picture? – never made another experience? Might be time for.

Busyness imv is a way to keep moving, acting, feeling alive and forgetting, it’s not what really matters for effecting what you want, to fulfill your needs or desires. And often finally it cost more you get.

What matters, is already there, it’s you. You in your full potential and wholeness. Nothing to do. Or get. To earn. Or to achieve. Some people start getting that, mostly, especially the highly active ones, after an accident and an unavoidable immobility. That may be a hard lesson to learn. It can be easier, to open up for a learning, in a kind of experimental way.

Especially the ‘action lovers’ love and can learn by ‘try and error’, because they have enough power for, they could use their natural gifts, their talent, what are their power resources, to learn, actively, before to have to learn by error.

Don’t mistake doing, working, action etc. for effecting, achieving or receiving. Sometimes it looks like, that’s one of the most important human errors, but it only looks like, what means it’s an illusion.

What’s your spontaneous reaction, when you read this? Anger? – that’s a sign you feel attacked, and you try to start fighting against… for what result? What would you protect? What would you gain?

Whatever shows up on an emotional level after hearing or reading etc. something new, different from the way one is used to, this is what keeps people stuck in patterns and in the moment, any learning starts, a process is set off which activates everything again, and what was refused before, so that’s how it first was initiated to become a program.

How about being curious to experiment for maybe discovering alternatives?

Never stop learning only because of some emotions, you want to refuse, because this is the reason for you to become slavery and any goals achieved by the hard way will always have a bitter aftertaste.

Why not choosing savoriness?

Keep learning.