Words don’t teach.



Words don’t teach. But words can create pictures in another’s mind so we learn and grow.

Our eyes may not be trustworthy.
We can see only what we already know.

First discover clarity about delusions and errors.

Looking deeper with your heart means manage your ego and not be leaded and influenced by the ego’s wounds and needs.

Helpful options:

disbelieve as it appears
don’t take it personally
don’t judge as you will be judged (inner/outer critic)
don’t disempower yourself
don’t distrust, give up confidence and true faith due to someone’s behavior or betrayel
don’t confuse, mistake seeing and truth.

The light keeps shining if you can see it or not.

Our head-cinema is one of our most powerful tools.


if you stuck, ask yourself, which pain I try to avoid… and what I took personally by mistake?

What you attract is what you are, do you already love it?

What’s the lesson to learn from?

Who are your badassangels?

How do you cope with challenges?

The only reason to attract attacking energy is feeling weak, helpless and having lost our true inner Power.

Remember your true skills, your inner wisdom and guidance and follow your intuition not your minds interpretation, just keep yourself calm and ask and listen.

Never quit seeing what is invisible.

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