How to deal with toxic people

Quote: When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth, just like you did.

I came to the insight, what we call toxic people is what we avoid in us.

What we call toxic people are emotions and not knowing how to cope with.

What we call toxic people are not the people but a blind spot.

What we call toxic is not a ‘too much’ but a missing point or link.

What we call toxic behavior is not too much power but a lack of clarity and heart.

What we call toxic behavior is not destructive power but not seeing who to trust or a big enough picture.

How to deal with toxic ‘people’? – don’t play.

Urgently stop playing – it’s not a game.

All life is for learning – how about learning the rules befor gaming?

How about clearing the roles?

What is triggering you actually, truely?

Some news and your first perception is: Unbelievable? – Trust in you!

Whenever something is unbelievable, this is true – then here is something not true. Our body never lies, we perceive clearly truth or lie. Only mind or ego may be confused or confusing due to old unreflected errors taken over.

As long as we suffer, we mistake a truth.

What we resist, persist.

What we attract is what we are bashing.

Dont just react on outer attractions.
Stay in your true presence and anything in lower vibration will fall away from your atmosphere.

As the sun rises and goes down for her comeback on and on, the light keeps shining if you can see it or not.  Same in us.

What i’ve learned in going through highly traumatizing attacking energies… i must be a natural talent to survive.

I must have made something so perfectly ideal, that certain circumstances didn’t leaded to death as it would be normally.

Then i got it.

So i studied how to cope not only with post traumatic stress but with the original flashpoint, highly attacking energy.

I survived free off any own aggression and attacking energy in myself. This, was told me, were a reason to become a victim. This is bullshit, cause the only reason to attract attacking energy is feeling weak, helpless and losing clarity and having lost our true inner Power.

Unfollow what is not supportive.

Don’t play. Don’t act. Move your body if you cant sit quiet or keep yourself silent.

Stop looking for help and feeling needy.

Remember your true skills, your inner wisdom and guidance and follow only your intuitive impulses, just keep yourself calm and ask and listen.

You boost your immune system by positivity.

You boost your emotional state of being by allowing to be what wants to be seen, heared, loved. This is how you easily dissolve any uncomfortable.

When dealing with people, never forget: at the center of every storm is pure calm. 

So stay above we just need our integrity, clear viewing, clear feeling, clear knowing, clear being. Free from any resistance.

What is triggering you actually?

Let’s talk into & through.

Let’s keep practicing.

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